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“I've really struggled with UX. I can read all the short guides, tweets and blog posts I want and it doesn't help. I want a step-by-step guide to go from where I am (crappy UX) to where I want to be (dependent on my goals)”.

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The backstory...

If you can relate to Jason’s struggle, then you’ve come to the right place.

When I launched my SaaS back in 2013 I was in a similar situation. I knew the theory, but had no real experience. I had no battle scars... Granted, I wasn’t coding, but like you I was doing my best to build a product. And like Jason, I'd read all the blog articles, all the guides and I followed the right people, but none of it got me any closer to understanding the practical uses of UX.

It wasn't until my designs came face to face with paying customers that I learned what real-world UX was. They were hard earned lessons, and ones I want to help you avoid.

A couple of important lessons I learned while building and scaling my SaaS were:

  1. Software is never perfect. But it does incrementally improve as you learn more about your customers and their needs.
  2. When your ass is on the line, you’ll learn any skill you need to.

With Develop Your UX you’ll learn the fundamentals of practical UX. You’ll learn how to design software that customers actually want to use… and of course pay you money for 😊

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What you’ll learn.

Over the following couple of weeks you'll receive 5 free lessons, full of practical advice. These lessons will be based on real world UX problems, with real world solutions. I'll give you the UX shortcuts you need to make your next project a success!

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The Bling factor. 

We all want our software to look awesome. In fact, many SaaS businesses spend their entire design budget on looking bling, before they even consider whether the foundations are solid. Once you get past this mistake, your product world will change forever.

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The signup process.

This is where your customers’ UX journey begins. It’s also where most SaaS businesses see their biggest drop-off. You’ll learn how to maximise the number of potential customers that make it to trial and hopefully convert further down the road. 

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When customers just want to look around your software and ignore all of your prompts, what do you do? Onboarding can be make or break for your SaaS, so it's important to get the basics right. And that’s what we’ll look at in this lesson.

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User testing – The easy way. 

Nothing opens your eyes faster than running user tests, but they can be daunting. In this lesson we’ll look at ways to get this done easily, for free and the benefits they can bring to your SaaS.

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Layout & empty dashboards.

App layout can be tough. Pair this with a lack of consistency and you’re in trouble. We’ll fix all of that in the final lesson…and as a bonus we’ll take a look at those pesky empty dashboards we all fear. 

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“As an indie developer, I'm always trying to level up as a designer to build better products for myself and my clients. Looking forward to the course!”.

Connor Lindsey - Swipewell.

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So who am I?

My name’s Nathan Powell and I’ve been a designer since 2005…Yep, that’s a long time. In fact, it was so long ago I began my career designing for print. Remember that?

I’ve also been a SaaS founder. In 2013 I designed and launched my software as a service business, Nusii. I had already been a designer for many years, but I had focused on visual design. I was a huge 'make it pretty' advocate. That was, until I built my own product with paying customers.

It didn’t take long to realise that pretty didn't equate to a successful and profitable business. I stumbled and fell many times, all the while growing the app little by little. So much so that in 2019 I was able to sell it and take some time off.

I want to share with you all the lessons I've learned. And I’m going to give you the UX shortcuts I never had.


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